No Stockpiling Snowballs | Iceland Adventure Winter 2015

On this frigid (-15°C! ) Christmas day, we took the advice of our hosts at Hraunsnef Country Hotel and trekked out to see some of the neighboring sites. We were so glad we did! We found the Glanni Waterfall. While nowhere near as massive as some of the other waterfalls we’d seen on our trip, Glanni was a spectacular find, particularly in the winter.

A Very Icy Icelandic Xmas Roadtrip 2015Glanni IcefallA Very Icy Icelandic Xmas Roadtrip 2015A Very Icy Icelandic Xmas Roadtrip 2015A Very Icy Icelandic Xmas Roadtrip 2015

It’s very important to remember… in Iceland: No stockpiling Snowballs.

No Stockpiling Snowballs | Iceland Roadtrip 2015No Stockpiling Snowballs | Iceland Roadtrip 2015


Brr! We headed back to the car to restore the feeling to our hands. We then took a slight detour on our way home to see the local Geothermal plant. This one geothermal spot provides the heat and electricity for three neighboring towns! The steam mixing with the frigid air made for some REALLY neat ice formation.  We were greeted at the site by two very fluffy friends.

Nothing has ever been more satisfying that kicking these ice-feather-things off a fence…

After all this, we head back to our Christmas home and were once again treated to an unbelievably delicious traditional Iceland Christmas feast. All in all… not a bad way to spend the holiday.

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