Blue Lagoon | Iceland Adventure Winter 2015

Day One (again)

Okay, so while MY first day in Iceland took place in Reykjavik, everyone else’s first day started with me picking them up at the airport, and then heading straight to the Blue Lagoon. This was a great idea. When we got there it was cold, windy, and still very very dark, despite the fact that it was almost 9am. Once parked, we walked down this dark pathway, freezing our buns off, and deeply questioning the idea of being in this weather in our bathing suits. But then you suck it up (or find the secret entrance into the lagoon that doesn’t require a walk outside) and sink into what, at that moment, feels like the most blissfully delightful water you’ve ever been in. AND THEN! The sun started to rise. And watching the world around you reveal itself over the two hours that sunrise takes with a glass of prosecco while soaking in the most blissfully delightful water you’ve ever been in is EXACTLY the way your trip to Iceland should start.

The Blue Lagoon is actually the byproduct of a local Geothermal Plant. But the water that’s found in the spa is geothermally heated to around 100 deg F, and it’s a naturally blended mixture of Silica, Algae, and minerals. The water is actually white, as a result of the silica, but it reflects the sky giving it that milky-blue colour. And all that silica and minerals make it GREAT for your skin. Not so good for your hair, though, so they recommend avoiding the temptation to submerge your head. To help protect your hair, you can cover yourself in conditioner that’s provided when you shower prior to entering the pool.

In the Blue Lagoon - Go Pro photo

Blue Lagoon Iceland Winter Adventure 2015Blue Lagoon Iceland Winter Adventure 2015Black sand and Blue LagoonBlack sand and the Blue LagoonUnknown Boy in the Blue LagoonBridge in the Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon Iceland Winter Adventure 2015Outside the Blue LagoonOutside the Blue LagoonOutside the Blue LagoonMud of the Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon Iceland Winter Adventure 2015The colours of Iceland at the Blue LagoonThe path from the Blue LagoonI took my GoPro into the lagoon with me, but I’m still figuring it out, and also it was very dark, so I only kept one of the photos. The rest were from once we got out and dressed: You get little booties to cover your shoes so you don’t muck the place up. There’s also a path around part of the lagoon that’s NOT within the spa, and I highly recommend taking a stroll around.

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