Skaftafell Glacier Hike | Iceland Adventure Winter 2015

Our winter trip to Iceland proved to us that the whole country was comprised of mother nature trying to kill us. After a few days of boiling water trying to take us out, and the ocean trying to take us out, we found our way to the Skaftafell Glacier, which, ya know, tried to take us out, too. Glaciers are dangerous any day because of the giant crevices between the ice called moulins. But in the winter, said crevices are covered with snow, making them impossible to see! We went on a guided glacier hike (which is the only safe way to do it) on Skaftafell. As just a small chunk of the Vatnajökull National Park, Skaftafell is part of one of the largest national parks in Europe. Our guide, Funnir was wonderful, knowledgeable, and told us all sorts of fun facts about Iceland (trying to kill you), some of which you’ve already heard! P.S. They filmed some of Game of Thrones around here!

Funnir told us the pick axes were mostly for taking bad-ass photos. Risa proved this true.

The group, with Funnir leading!

And this is what happens if you go glacier hiking with a circus performer…


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