A Very Wet Day in Vik | Iceland Adventure Winter 2015

Vik is a charming little town at the base of the Katla volcano. The volcano typically erupts every 70 or 80 years, but it’s been dormant since 1918, and likely to blow any day. But one unique thing about Katla is that it’s tucked away under the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier. As a result, the greatest risk from an eruption is a massive flood that will likely wipe out the whole town! Luckily no eruptions while we were there, but we did have a particularly wet day as we explored some of the sites Vik has to offer.

Dyrhólaey was our first stop – a small peninsula with a lighthouse and fantastic view of the coastline. There are some incredible rock formations here, and the power of the ocean was mesmerizing. We then heading closer towards Vik to see Reynisfjara Beach with it’s massive Basalt column and black sand beaches. The sand is basically ground up lava, and it’s amazingly porous, which creating super interesting patterns as the water was absorbed into it.



And finally,  I have to introduce you to a very important part of our trip: Dusty, our rental car. Dusty was a wonderful travel companion and took amazing care of us as we road tripped across the southern coast of Iceland. Plus she was just so photogenic…

Our trusty SUV rental Dusty, on a very wet day in Vik ICELAND WINTER ROADTRIP 2015


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