The Road To Vik | Iceland Adventure Winter 2015

Alright, if you know ANYTHING about Iceland, you have probably heard of the Icelandic Horses. Icelandic Horses are like the hobbits of the Equidae: Extra fuzzy, stout, and round in pretty much every way possible. Simply put they are ADORABLE. We learned that they’re pretty much free to own in Iceland, too! Eating the poor-quality grass on the ground during the winter is what triggers them to grow their extra fuzz, which keeps them warm. If farmers tried to feed them higher quality food, they wouldn’t get the winter coats, and would have to stay in barns for the long winter. After two nights in Laugauvatn, we hit the road towards Vik and finally got to make friends with some of these delightful and super friendly creatures! Oh, and one more thing: Icelandic horses have quite possibly the most stylish hairstyles you’ve ever seen.

As we head south, then east along the southern coast towards Vik, was enjoyed the leisurely drive, and made one stop at the tucked away Seljavallalaug. This is a geothermal swimming pool that was made in 1923, and tucked about a 10min light hike into the hills off Rt 1. Thanks to a little map I had printed out from The Wonderful Unknown, it was easy to find, but you would NEVER have known it was there otherwise. Seljavallalaug made a wonderful little detour, but with the misty rain falling on us, Risa (thereby nicknamed the “aquaslut”) was the only one brave enough to take a dip!

Slightly damper than before, we hit the road again, and made it to our home for the next two nights just before the daylight had left us. We stayed in an adorable little cabin called Vestri Petursey that was a quick drive outside the southernmost town of Vik. Since we had only had overcast nights up until this point, I saw a tiny break in the clouds, and thought it might be a good night for an Aurora Borealis hunt. Alas, the clouds were not coorperative. So instead we had fun playing with long exposures and flashlights. If you look closly, however, you can see a green tint behind some of the clouds in the photos – my theory is that the aurora was dancing away hidden behind the cloud cover.

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