A Glimpse at the Castro at Sunset

When I move to a new place, I love exploring it, but I very quickly setting into a routine of my neighborhood and work. While I still do my fair share of exploring, I tend to avoid typical “tourist” spots, and often leave my camera at home when I’m out and about in my city. This is something I’m trying to fix – the idea of going out to photograph my home – sometimes even without a visit friend I’m showing around! The other day I came home from work just before the promise of a good golden hour, so I dropped off my bag, picked up my camera, and headed right by out to catch a Castro glimpse at sunset. I live just uphill from the famous Castro Theatre and it’s self-titled neighborhood. It’s pretty classic San Francisco, and with the setting sun pushing the the fog that frequently settles in the evening, I was pretty pleased with my little outing. And now, as I’m lying in bed for the third day in a row trying to flush out this particularly foggy, achey, sick, sick, sicky, it seemed like a good opportunity to post the photos.

Castro Glimpse at SunsetCastro Glimpse at SunsetClassic SF Castro NeighborhoodClassic SF Castro NeighborhoodClassic SF Castro NeighborhoodClassic SF Castro NeighborhoodUp the hill from the castro


Oh, and beware, my attempted of being productive while sick have also resulted in me rediscovering a number of photos that I’ve never edited or posted before.  You might be seeing some throw-back photos coming soon.

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