Spontaneous Spelunking Roadtrip

This past Spring one of my favourite travel-companions, Wyatt, and I rented a car for a two-day spontaneous roadtrip. We had brunch plans lined up for Sunday, but after a particularly long spurt of lots of work and LooOOOooottss of technical difficulties, I called Wyatt up on Saturday evening and asked if he wanted to get out of dodge instead. Separately, we both had the thought of going either South or West, so when we got on the road, Skyline Drive seemed like the perfect route to take. In the middle-of-no-where, Virgina we found this adorable kettlecorn stand: perfect road trip snacks!


We ended our first night in Bristol, Tennessee after roughly 14 hours of driving, a brief turn into North Carolina, the curviest road known to man (I’m look at you, VA-58), four room-changes followed by one motel change,  and an amazing recommendation by our hotel’s night clerks for a Worley’s Cave on a local’s private land, which he allows passers-by to visit for a few bucks and a waiver. Spontaneous Spelunking? Okay! We made a quick stock to pick up some flashlights, and dived in…

Spontaneous Spelunking Roadtrip have been known to result in muddy shoes.

Phew! We made it!

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